Floods sign

Flood Safety

Don’t let floods sink you. Tools and tips to keep you afloat.

Floods are the most frequent and costly natural disasters in Canada. Big or small, flooding can do major damage to your business, valuables, and equipment.

Below are products and advice to prepare for a flood, stay safe during a flood, and protect your health when you return to your business.

Oh, Buoy! Flood Facts

  • $673 million/year: est. flood damage
  • ∼80% weather-related costs are floods
  • $1.7 billion: claims related to 2013 Alberta floods (costliest Canadian disaster)

Before a Flood

Pool your resources.

To prep for a flood, restock your emergency survival kit and secure your stuff.

  1. Tie down or bring in outdoor items.
  2. Unplug electrical items and move valuables to the highest floor.
  3. Install a sump pump with backup power.
Zoro preparing for a flood.

During a Flood

Go with the flow.

While rain pours down and water rises, follow these steps to get through the storm.

  1. Know where high ground is, have a plan to get there, and be ready to move, if needed.
  2. Stay tuned to weather updates on TV or radio.
  3. Watch for alerts, emergency instructions, or evacuation orders.
Zoro during a flood.

After a Flood

Time to tidy up!

Once the authorities say it’s safe, use these hints to help your clean-up.

  1. When you clean, wear protective gear, including rubber gloves and boots.
  2. Speed drying with fans, air conditioning units, and dehumidifiers.
  3. Trash drywall and insulation soiled from sewage or flood water.
Zoro cleaning up after a flood.